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In an effort to encourage employers to implement flexible work arrangements, the Singapore government increased benefits to its already existing Work-Life Grant. Announced in January 2013, the government implemented the FWAS or Flexible Work Arrangements as part of the 2013 Marriage and Parenthood (M&P) Package. The Work-Life Grant which is under the WorkPro Programme aims to provide funding and create a supportive environment for Singaporeans to encourage them to build a family as well as to encourage the employers to recruit and retain mature workers and to recruit back-to-work locals. Meant as to augment the already tightening labor market, the government hopes to provide a more inclusive environment for mature workers. To encourage employers, Singapore is offering grants of up to S$160,000. Here’s a short summary of the changes in the Work-Life Grant.

Key enhancements from July 1
Up to $160,000 per company over three years

  1. Now: Up to $40,000 reimbursement after implementing new flexi-work arrangements.
  2. From July: Up to $40,000 funding, including $10,000 to pilot flexi-work arrangements and $10,000 to fully implement them.
  3. Must have at least two forms of flexi-work arrangements.
  4. Now: Up to $40,000 per year if 30 per cent of workers use flexi-work arrangements.
  5. From July: Additional tier of up to $25,000 per year if 20 per cent of workers use flexi-work arrangements.
  6. Must have at least two forms of flexi-work arrangements and workers must use at least one form.

Up to $20,000 per company

  1. Now: Must have a re-employment policy and at least two types of age management practices.
  2. From July: Staff must also attend a Workplace Health Promotion Facilitator course and implement a standardised Health and Wellness programme.
  3. Must employ at least five mature workers.

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